EIMC Membership - Exercise Professional EIMC Level 2

EIMC Membership - Exercise Professional EIMC Level 2

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EIMC Recognition and Professional Network Membership is available to exercise professionals with a minimum 2-year university or college diploma level exercise science background. Exercise professionals may register for EIMC recognition at Level 1 or Level 2 based on their qualifications to work with patients at different risk levels.

EIMC Recognized exercise professionals work within their current scope of practice:
  • Level 2 exercise professionals have the scope to work with generally healthy individuals to application in performance, occupational settings and with those individuals who complex medical conditions that may require clinical or on-going monitoring.

Exercise Professionals eligible for EIMC Level 2:

CSEP Certified Exercise Physiologist® (CSEP-CEP)
College of Kinesiologists of Ontario (CKO) Registration
ACSM EIM Level 2
ACSM EIM Level 3

EIMC Level 2 Applicants must have university level exercise science degree and have successfully completed recognized competency-based exams